Thursday, April 20, 2006

Orbiter Add-on Riches

2001: Work Pod Betty with Discovery 2001: Aries at Clavius
I'm in the final few days of updating Go Play In Space for the expanded second edition - between work and that, I've had little time for blogging or anything else. The docking and Mars flight chapters have come out well. Thanks to Andy McSorley for all the Mars work, and to Terry Gibson and Mark Paton for testing preliminary versions of the two new chapters and making a lot of useful suggestions.

I'm now updating the add-ons chapter, and I'm realizing again what a wealth of amazing add-ons we have available for Orbiter. I've spent hundreds of hours on this ebook, but add-on developers must have spent thousands of hours developing the many available add-ons (some 1200 listed at now - thanks also to Jeff aka x292 for his great work in creating and maintaining the primary library of Orbiter add-ons). Some add-ons are especially deep (and big!) such as World of 2001 (by Sputnik, 80mileshigh, and Nautilus) and David Bartles' 2001-2010 vehicles, both available at Orbit Hangar, with sample pix above. But there are a lot of great ones out there. Thanks to all the hard-working Orbiter add-on developers. More pix on Flickr.

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