Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coming Soon to a Mars Near You

ERV MTSV Landing
MTSV Chute Over ERV Site
I'm getting ready to capture video clips of the key Mars for Less mission steps to use in the PowerPoint I will present in a few weeks at the Mars Society Conference. I'm testing my camera positions and views with static screen shots, using a wide-screen format which I think is pretty cool. Mark Paton's autopilot-assisted entry sequence for precision landing at "Mandya Arti" (the name we've chosen for the base, not a real Mars feature) works very well, though I still have to manually detach chutes and the aeroshield, and the timing of these events affects where the MTSV actually lands, sometimes a few meters from the waiting ERV, sometimes inside the valley wall! More pix on Flickr.

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