Sunday, February 08, 2009

More Utah as Mars

I flew from Boston to San Francisco early this morning. I didn't spend much time looking out the window, and it was mostly cloudy anyway, but I did happen to look out over what I'm pretty sure is Utah (could be Nevada). I'm always amazed at how much this part of the American West can look like Mars (I guess it's really the other way around). The lower picture has been color shifted to make the clouds look something like a Mars dust storm. The top picture is natural color (notice the famous "Dinosaur on Mars" in the lower right).

The ultimate destination was Monterey, California, just a short commuter flight from SFO. I 've been here a few times before, and it's a beautiful area. I'm here this time on company business, helping to host a group of international distributor representatives, something I organize every year at this time (part of the reason for reduced blogging the last few weeks - organizing this event takes a lot of time). We always start out with a couple of days somewhere "interesting" before moving everyone to Pasadena for the main meeting. Last year it was Las Vegas, this year it's Monterey, including the fantastic Monterey Bay Aquarium and a chartered bus tour down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. I hope the weather cooperates this week.

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