Friday, January 07, 2011

Cool blog: Everybody's Dummy

Everybody's Dummy is a cool music blog. A few times a week it posts a detailed review of a classic album. I've discovered or rediscovered some great music by artists such as Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Elvis Costello, and Dire Straits. Mainstream artists to be sure, but I don't know everything they have ever done, and it's cool to find an overlooked gem, or just to read an insightful review of an old favorite. The title is from a quote by Lester Bangs, "I'm nobody's dummy. I'm everybody's dummy. I believe everything I read, see, and hear."

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wardo said...

I coulda sworn I'd thanked you for this endorsement, but I must've forgotten to. So thanks! Hope you like what you read!