Sunday, June 05, 2011

Carnival of Space 200!

The Carnival of Space is 200 this week! Of course that is only 200 weeks, but it's still a pretty nice number. I remember when it was just a baby, back on April 26, 2007 when Henry Cates posted the first space carnival (oddly enough) on his Why Homeschool blog. Since then the carnival has been hosted by many different blogs (including mine a few times, though not very recently) and has expanded to cover a wide range of space and astronomy subjects.

Number 200 is hosted this week by Next Big Future. There are a lot of good posts, but my particular favorite is "Starship Fuel from the Outer System" from Centauri Dreams. It discusses the possible "mining" of Helium-3 from the atmosphere of Uranus. While the technology for this is a few years off (on several levels), it could provide fuel for fusion reactor-driven starships as well as a source of fusion fuel for Earth's energy needs. I've linked above to the beautiful image by Adrian Mann showing an He-3-harvesting "hot air" balloon above the clouds of Uranus's atmosphere.

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