Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obliviosity (New Song!)

I recently discovered a cool guitar chord I never knew before, Gmaj13. Sort of jazzy and major seventh-ish (major seven chords are a major favorite of mine). This song was the almost immediate result.  That often happens with a new chord, instrument, synth sound, music app, etc. - new sounds suggest new songs. It's a good thing.

As for "obliviosity," it probably should be "obliviousness" but that doesn't sound as good. Am I really that oblivious? Well, one person's obliviosity is another person's ability to focus on a task. So I don't know.


You said, you were gonna be leaving  
But you wouldn’t say where to
I tried a little bit of reason
A little bit of “what the hell is going on with you?”

OK, so I’m a little bit clueless
It’s like I’m looking at the world through soda straws
But what I might lack in smoothness
I try to cover up with other flaws

Obliviosity is my forté
You could even say it’s my specialité
Obliviosity is very very me
If you can figure out how I can get a clue
Could you help me out?
And let me know too?

I know I drive you crazy
But I don’t mean to hurt you
I’d give the moon and stars to you
If I only knew where they were…

Words & music by Bruce Irving (c) 2012

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