Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Song: Blue (Monkey Butt)

It's weird what sorts of things pop up when I play around with the many sounds and options in GarageBand on the iPod Touch or iPad. Often an instrument sound, automatic pattern, and rhythm will lead to a new song. This new one sounded bluesy (not surprising since the progression is like Em Bm C F#dim), so I started using the word "blue," and before long I had a demo. Although most of the things I mention are not actually blue, monkey butts sometimes are. So there. Like much of life, this song is something of a joke, but not completely.


Craig Collins said...

Blue as tortilla chips!!! I also like the "syncopated stereo pan" going on.

FlyingSinger said...

Thanks! Last night I started to have second thoughts, thinking "monkey butt?!? WTF??" But then I decided, hey, the blues is about being low, and what's lower than a monkey's butt? Not accounting for the altitude advantage of climbing trees of course. The power of rationalization.

Redmercuryspells said...

good song)

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