Sunday, January 22, 2006

Anthony on Space: Great Stuff!

Trying to keep up with space and science developments can be challenging. There are a lot of space and science news sites, a number of worthwhile space blogs, the new that I wrote about recently, and much more that I'm probably missing (e.g., the forums and features at, which I need to make some time for!). Not to mention the books! And Orbiter.

Although Anthonares is too eclectic to call simply a "space blog," when Anthony Kendall does write on space topics, it's some of the best space-related writing in the blogosphere. He is especially strong on science, summarizing and synthesizing material from the scientific literature as well as more common sources. All of his blog entries are interesting, but four recent space-related posts are especially worth a read for space fans:
And these two are not strictly space related but are valuable summaries of important topics:

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Anthony Kendall said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying my space-related posts so much! Thank you for your generous praise.