Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Steal This Book!

Actually you don't have to steal it, it's free (OK, weird, random title for this post - it was the rather odd title of a 1970 book by sixties political activist Abbie Hoffman). Anthony Kendall has just posted the full journal of his experience as a member of the Mars Society's FMARS-10 crew in the summer of 2005. FMARS is the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station, part of the Mars Society's research activities in simulating Mars surface missions on Earth. FMARS is located on Devon Island in northern Canada, 1400 km from the North Pole.

Rather than tell you more of what goes on there, I'll suggest that you read Anthony's book, as I will be doing tonight. Book? Isn't it a blog post? Yes, but it's the biggest blog post I've ever seen, a full 74 pages when printed from Firefox. So it's the blog post that's also a free book!

I know it now sounds like this is Anthony Kendall appreciation day, but I've been looking forward to reading more about his FMARS experience ever since he mentioned it in his Space Review article on human space exploration last October.

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Anthony Kendall said...

Egads! I just noticed that your entry over here. I'm blushing, literally.

I didn't write the entry to be exciting, just thorough. So I hope you find some good parts in it. BTW, if you find anything particularly interesting, send me an email.

I always have a difficult time explaining what I did last summer when relatives ask. Most often, I get a sort of flummoxed look from them and then something along the lines of "Wow!" or "Neat!" But I never know if they are just humoring me.

I gave a short talk about my trip to a group of 45-85 year old Rotarians in my hometown last November. They all seemed enthralled, but no one really told me why. Is it because it's the arctic? Is it the spacesuits? Or is it the wierdness of adults playing dress-up?