Friday, February 03, 2006

Wheels (and Beers) on Mars

It's a busy work period with not much time for blogging and Orbiter and such. I'm still in a pretty Mars-obsessed mood, finishing the Roving Mars book and following up on the Mars Rovers through various web sites. It's a little odd to have just read about how sick the Spirit Rover was just a couple of weeks after landing in January 2004 - the MER team was seriously worried that they had lost the little guy - and then to read this recent update on results and plans for some major new travels for both Spirit and Opportunity, both going quite strong two years later.

I found and ordered what appears to be an interesting 98 minute DVD on the project, Wheels on Mars - there's a good trailer for it here. And I also saw a commercial that shows a different approach to the search for life on Mars, using a seriously pimped-out rover derivative. Thanks to Alternate Reality for a couple of these tips.

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Shelly said...

Thanks for the link back. :) Nice blog. I don't think I've been here before, but I will be back.