Thursday, October 05, 2006

Missing the Air

Massachusetts Fall Aerial
Piper Cub Over Spencer, MA
It's a beautiful autumn morning in New England. The sunny blue skies and the leaves just starting to change colors are leading me to think about how much I miss flying. Not the commercial passenger kind (I still get plenty of that), but the low-and-slow kind in a little airplane like a Piper Cub. There's no better way to see the magnificent fall foliage, but unfortunately I'm not flying these days. I started to get back into it in the summer and fall of 2004 with some tail-wheel endorsement lessons in a Piper Cub, but weather and scheduling got in the way and I didn't complete the tail wheel thing, which was really a bit of nostalgia since a Cub was the first airplane I ever flew in, back when I was a kid in Civil Air Patrol. Summer and fall of 2005 were obsessed with Orbiter (I had discovered it in March and by summer was working on writing Go Play In Space).

So now it's another fall and I'm thinking about flying again (summer would have been a more practical time I suppose). Maybe I'll sign up for a few refresher lessons in a Cessna 172 and get current again. At least go up a few times and have a look at the leaves before they all fall as they so quickly do.

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