Monday, September 03, 2007

10 New Ways to Fly

The September issue of the Smithsonian's Air & Space Magazine is a really good one - I read it cover to cover and learned a lot of fascinating stuff. The cover shows an artist's concept of a "hypersonic wave rider" under the headline "10 New Ways to Fly." Of course hypersonic flight is one of the ten, but it will be a few years before that really happens, though there are experts quoted in the article who believe we are close to a breakthrough in this long-promised technology (which will probably be applied to high-speed cruise missiles before we see any sort of space plane for people). Here are the ten articles on these amazing flight technologies:
  1. X-racers (Rocket Racing League)
  2. Boeing Dreamliner (innovative cabin design and lighting)
  3. Spy Blimps and Heavy Lifters
  4. Fly Green (on biofuels)
  5. Tilters (V-22 Osprey is operational)
  6. Orion's Brain (flight control software and displays for NASA's CEV)
  7. 20 Hours to Solo (sport pilot license and aircraft)
  8. Lunar clipper (Moon tourism with Russian hardware)
  9. Son of a Buzz Bomb (PDE - pulse detonation engines)
  10. Mach 20 or Bust (hypersonic flight)
All of these articles are available on line (at least for now).

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