Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mars-like Aerial Photos

Looks Like Mars
Last night I also looked over some pictures I took on an August flight from Los Angeles to Boston. I had a wing-free window seat and it was a pretty clear day from LAX to Denver, so I took a bunch of pictures. The glare on the window washed out the contrast in lot of the pictures, and they aren't too sharp either. But I saw some cool stuff, including Solar Two, a now-retired solar energy research facility with a bunch of tracking mirrors illuminating a collection device on a central tower. It's 16 km east of Barstow, CA (see Flickr) and has been converted into some sort of gamma ray telescope called MAGIC.

One of the coolest areas I photographed from that flight was southern Utah, parts of which look very much like images from Mars orbiting spacecraft. The picture here was processed quite a bit using Picasa2 and PaintShopPro to play with the luminosity, shadows, contrast, saturation, etc. I don't know exactly where it is but it seems to be near Glen Canyon and Lake Powell.

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