Friday, May 09, 2008

Popular Space Elevator View

Space Elevator GEO Station
I was just looking at the most popular "photos" on my Flickr site, most of which consists of Orbiter screen shots of various space scenes. My images have been viewed around 25,000 times which is not bad for a set of pictures with absolutely no sexual content. This space elevator view (a cool Orbiter add-on by Kulch) is one of the most popular, with 1,434 views. Somebody with a more popular site than this one must have linked to it or something.

Two Earth views from Orbiter are still the most popular with 2,374 and 2,148 views. I realized as I typed this that I discussed these pictures in post back in March. It's a good thing I have web sites, computers, and a Blackberry to supplement the natural neurons!

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