Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Earth, Moon, Mars: Cool Constellation Videos

I got an educational material notification email from NASA today about new interactive activities and videos on the Constellation program. Hosted by astronaut Pam Melroy, the video clips focus on three mission areas for Constellation: Earth orbit, the Moon, and (eventually) Mars. The animations are cool and feature versions of some spacecraft that were new to me, especially the Altair lunar lander and a Mars-bound spacecraft stack with an inflatable "trans-hab" component (NASA licensed that technology to Bigelow, so I guess they figure they'll buy it from him COTS).

The focus is also educational, and for the Mars stuff, they note that while the date for a Mars landing is uncertain ("next few decades"), the first astronauts on Mars are probably kids today, kids who should be staying in school and studying math and science so they can their shot at the Red Planet.

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