Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Collecting Experiences

I'm in Seattle this week, on vacation and collecting new experiences at an amazing clip. I thought I might mention this since Kevin Thompson gave my blog a plug the other day on his blog, Idle Diffractions (thanks Kevin), and I figured it would be nice to have written a post newer than August 11. So here it is, a sort of smorgasbord blog post from the Great Northwest.

One of my experiences was a full-motion simulator ride today at the Museum of Flight which was very cool. I was flying a simulated F-15. This was only the second time I've experienced a simulator that actually turns you in any direction (including upside down) as part of the simulation, and it was great, especially on the loops and barrel rolls. Other experiences this week have included Paul Allen's (EMP) rock & roll museum and SF museum, and tomorrow I'll be taking a short seaplane flight. I also did a little real (C172) flying recently back in Massachusetts, and with the extensive work I've been doing on my upcoming album Message from Tomorrow, you can see that I've really been doing my best to live up to both parts of my nom-de-web (FlyingSinger).

Finally, I'd like to mention that while in San Diego the first week of this month for SPIE, I did manage to see the great historic telescope exhibit that Kevin raved about in one of his posts. It was indeed an amazing collection of historic optical instruments. I even got someone to take a couple of pictures for me, one of which is here (thanks, Dave).

My experience tanks are nearly topped off (I've also read a few books this summer) and I hope to return to more regular blogging starting in September.

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