Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn

NASA STS071-744-30Mir Orbiter Blue Test #1
The Yiddish title above is that of a song that was a big hit for the Andrews Sisters in 1938. It means "to me, you're beautiful." I'm not sure that the late Russian Mir space station was exactly beautiful, but it must have been a striking sight at the very least.

I saw the photo above (left) in a book of photographs by NASA astronauts, and I tracked it down on the web. It was taken from the Atlantis on STS-71 in July 1995. I decided to see how well I could match it in Orbiter, using EndeavorCmdr's very cool atmospheric enhancement (basically a new horizon texture and adjustments to some atmospheric color parameters in the Earth.cfg file). While the clouds and Mir's orientation aren't quite right, the overall look is pretty close. You can see larger versions of the photos at Flickr (the NASA photo is only available at 640x480 as far as I can tell, and I have cropped it).

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