Thursday, May 25, 2006

Orbinauts Who Blog and Flickr

Soyuz by DarthVader
While it's obvious that there are vast numbers of "space blogs," it turns out that there are also a few others that are focused on Orbiter, so I decided to finally bring this to the attention of my readers (both of you).

The original idea for this blog came from DarthVader's Fly Me To The Moon. Darth's original goal was to learn about Orbiter and space history by going through all the Apollo missions in chronological order. I think he got as far as Apollo 7 before he was drawn to the Dark Side and became an Orbiter add-on developer focused on Soviet era rockets and spacecraft (that's not really especially "dark," but come on, Darth Vader?). He's got some amazing works in progress as shown in the Soyuz picture above, with more examples on his Flickr site.

VLA/CXV by Kodiak
Another blog I just discovered actually pre-dates mine, Kodiak's Space Contraptions. Kodiak has done a number of cool add-ons for Orbiter, but his latest one (soon to be released) looks amazing. It's the air-dropped booster and crew transfer vehicle (CXV) from t/Space. More pix on Kodiak's Flickr site.

There are two other notable Orbiter-related Flickr sites that I know of, Simcosmos (with add-on development and source pix as well as Orbiter shots) and Sir Mildred Pierce (some 30 very cool Orbiter screen shots).

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