Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Flickr: 10,000 Views

STS-115 Nose in Orbiter
On Flickr, I just posted another Orbiter screen shot of the shuttle Atlantis (on STS-115) from the perspective of the ISS on the recent mission. Sometimes Orbiter screen shots can look almost real, and this one reminds me of some real shuttle photos I've seen. This should also take me to 10,000 views on my Flickr pages, for what that's worth (not much - I suppose many Flickr sites get 10,000 views a day - but this is pretty esoteric stuff, space flight simulator screen shots). Thanks to all of you who have visited my Flickr site and this blog, both devoted largely to Orbiter and other "space stuff" - the few, the brave, the space obsessed...

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