Sunday, September 09, 2007

Apple Makes It Easier and Harder

I've really been missing my iPod which was stolen back in May. I had decided to wait a while to replace it, see what would happen with the iPhone I was lusting after, and just listen to other music sources of which I have quite a few. But two weeks ago I broke down and ordered a 4 GB iPod Nano (just like the stolen one) for $199 from Amazon. I took it on a couple of morning walks last week, and life was good.

Then last week Apple announced a $200 price cut on the iPhone, along with a new line of cheaper and better iPods, including a new video-capable Nano that's $199 for the 8 GB model (room enough for 1000 songs and a movie, hmmm). So I sent my brand new old Nano back to Amazon. Now I'm back in the whole iPhone/iPod dilemma again. I had been thinking of waiting until March 2008 when my current cell phone contract runs out to maybe switch plans and get an iPhone (which by then might be a 1.1 or 2.0 version and maybe AT&T service would be better). I suppose there will always be a daughter or two who will accept a slightly used video Nano next spring if I get one now and do the iPhone thing next year. Sorry, I don't usually think out loud in my blog, but I guess I just decided! Apple sure makes cool stuff - all problems should be this easy to figure out.

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