Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Optimism as Strategy

Wired Magazine is 15 years old. I remember buying the first issue in the UCLA bookstore in 1993 (not sure what I was doing in LA and at UCLA that day). I've always liked this future-oriented magazine and I still look forward to reading it each month. The current issue looks back at things they got right and wrong over the years, in the form of a letter from Wired founder Louis Rossetto to his children. You can read the article yourself here, but I really like his closing comment about the future:
The challenge is obvious, the dangers present, the need great. But be optimistic. I would say that, wouldn't I, since we were often accused during my time at Wired of being overly optimistic. But optimism is not false hope, it's a strategy for living. If you are optimistic about the future, you will step up and take responsibility and attempt to make it better for yourselves and your own children.

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