Monday, July 04, 2011

Flying Posts: See "Flight School Retrojournal"

As I discussed recently, I've started to get back into flying, and it's really fun. I'm flying a Citabria 7ECA "Aurora" at Sterling Airport with the airplane's owner, Ed Urbanowski of Urban Aviation. It's a great little airplane, and Ed is a great instructor. Since I've been away from flying for seven years (yikes!), it will probably take a few hours with an instructor to get my skills back into shape. But I'm in no hurry. Safety first and all that.

So far it's going well - but it's only been two flights, and there's a lot to re-learn. Since I already have another blog devoted to (retroactively) documenting my original flight lessons (1997 to 2001, more or less), I've decided to use that blog for my current lessons as well. Even though it's called Flight School Retrojournal, I'll blog all the new stuff too - re-learning old tricks, breaking old habits, getting current, getting signed off to fly tail-wheel airplanes,and all that. So if you are interested in the nitty-gritty of learning (or re-learning) to fly, check out my other blog. There probably won't be a lot of photos, since I've decided to spend every minute in the cockpit focused on flying. I'll save the sightseeing for when I can fly on my own again - maybe this fall.

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