Wednesday, November 07, 2012

How I Spell Relief


If this blog is about anything at all (and with so little posting recently, it's hard for me to tell), it's really not about politics. Except (very rarely) when it is. This may not be the last political post until the next presidential election, but it may be.

In any case, I'm enormously relieved and happy that President Obama won re-election yesterday. I really believe that after spending four years helping us dig out of an enormous hole, that we are going in the right direction, and that President Obama definitely deserved another term. Mitt Romney was the wrong guy with the wrong message (to name just a couple of wrong things about Mitt, not to mention his scary running mate). 

At the moment, Florida still has not been called, but with over 97% counted, Obama still has a pretty good lead. But whether it's 303 electoral votes or 332 doesn't matter much. It's enough of a margin that we won't have any 2000 like drama. 

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