Friday, June 07, 2013

Ach, Bach! Und Schubert!

Do I really need more classical music floating in my Amazon Cloud? Probably not, since I already have more music than I can listen to in my lifetime, but Amazon keeps throwing out these crazy deals. This week it's a new Big Box collection from the Bach Guild, and this time it's Schubert, one of my favorite composers, 130 works (or movements) for 99 cents. Some 13 hours of music. Some of these are pretty rare recordings including a version of Symphony No. 7 which Schubert completed in sketch form (but he did not complete the orchestration himself).

And under the classic VoxBox label, another huge collection, Bach Complete Organ Works, played by Walter Kraft, 284 works (or movements), again for 99 cents (14+ hours). These are generally older recordings, remastered, repackaged, and re-released, but they sound great to me. Clearly it's some sort of promotion, but even when these sets go up to $4 or $8 they are still a great value.

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Brad Watson, Miami said...

J.S. Bach was reincarnated as Mozart. This is really the only logical explanation for Mozart the child prodigy.

Google: Reincarnation Theory & its 23 Principles/Theory of Luck