Monday, May 15, 2006

Orbiter web: 2006 Manual in Russian

I took four semesters of Russian in college, a bunch of years ago. I really liked it and did well, but unfortunately never got to use it for travel (unlike Japanese and French), so I forgot all but a few phrases. One of them is "gde moy brat," but unless one of my siblings is kidnapped in Russia, "where is my brother?" is not a very useful phrase.

So even though it's not very practical for me, I think it's really cool that a Russian translation of the Orbiter 2006 manual is already available, thanks to Yuri "Kulch" Kulchitsky. Kulch is an amazing Orbiter add-on developer who really likes to "push the envelope" of what it's possible to do in Orbiter. In addition to "conventional" boosters such Energia, he has developed exotic systems such as mass drivers, winged boosters, and even a space elevator. Most of his add-ons are available at Orbit Hangar, but his web site has more information on works in progress as well as a screen shot gallery. Spasiba, Kulch!

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Brian Dunbar said...

Ho ho. I once learned the Russian phrases for "Hands up" and "I surrender" .. just in case either would come in handy.

They never did, thank goodness.