Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post #584: Figuring Out Myself

"Figuring out myself" sounds like it could be something deep and philosophical. Maybe another time. In this case, I simply noticed that since I started blogging on October 18, 2005 (two years ago today!), that I have blogged more in certain categories than others. Of course this is a heavily biased result, since I originally started the blog to talk about the Orbiter space flight simulator, and I defined the categories myself. But being an engineer, I decided to make a chart anyway.

Although it remains quite spacey and techy, I have expanded the scope of the blog, talking about space and astronomy in general, as well as education (especially when I started to do educational outreach events as a JPL Solar System Ambassador). I even used the ambiguous title "Music of the Spheres" to justify talking about music from time to time. "Technology" came to include my iPod and Prius and other cool stuff, and I added a video category when I discovered how to embed YouTube videos in blog posts.

The chart covers only topics with more than 25 posts. It shows that out of 584 posts including this one, my original theme (Orbiter) accounts for 153, followed by NASA (113), books (113), astronomy (105) and a bunch of other topics, mostly space related: Mars, space history, shuttle, Moon, private space. Music doesn't do so well (32, one out of 18 posts), and flying even worse (27). So much for old obsessions.

I tried tracking numbers of visitors for a while, but that got to feel like an obsession about an obsession, so I went back to my original idea that I write this geeky stuff because I like to write, and I hope that those who share some of my interests will enjoy reading it, no matter who, where, or how many you may be, and that you'll occasionally comment on something, or just say hi.

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