Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seeker and Orbiter

I just got the November issue of Sky & Telescope, and it includes a review of a new software product called Seeker, from Software Bisque (maker of TheSky6 and other astronomy products). Seeker is dedicated to 3D exploration of the solar system, including some spacecraft. You can fly instantly to any planet, moon, or included spacecraft and enjoy the views. It sounds pretty cool, and it costs $129 (introductory price of $99).

That's all great, but I also want to point out that a small subset of Orbiter (which is a free space flight simulator) can do what Seeker seems able to do (touring the solar system), and a lot more besides. Orbiter's 3D graphics are certainly as good or better (click on the samples above to see bigger images, the top one from Orbiter, the lower one from Seeker).

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