Monday, February 04, 2008

Rocketcam Video

I bought a wireless home weather monitoring kit from Oregon Scientific (base station and two remote temperature transmitters like this, but it was a lot cheaper when I ordered it). While checking out the Oregon Scientific web site, I noticed another product, their waterproof video "Action Cam." You can use it while snorkeling, or you can attach it to a helmet or a bike or (naturally enough) a rocket.

I don't really need something like this (which is only vaguely related to whether I will get one), but I decided to check out the sample videos anyway, and was immediately drawn to the rocket launches. This camera is small but not tiny, about half a pound (maybe 250 grams), so it requires a sizable rocket to launch it. Some of the results (example above) are pretty cool.

Of course this is not the only rocket video camera on the market. Search for rocketcam on YouTube and you'll find many other examples, like this one. I especially like the kid's voice saying "three, two..." quickly followed by the adult's voice saying "hey, wait, wait!" as he finishes checking the camera and walks away. Safety first!

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