Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carnival of Space #107

The Carnival of Space is hosted this week by Innumerable Worlds. There's the usual wide range of space and astronomy topics, but I immediately checked out two posts that offered previews of a new Apollo book by Andrew Chaikin. Cumbrian Sky and CollectSpace were both authorized to show a photo from the book that has never been seen before. It's a frame from a movie camera on the LM that recorded the Apollo 11 EVA, recently digitized at high enough resolution to actually show Neil Armstrong's face (his gold visor was up for a while near the start of the EVA). Very cool!

The Apollo 11 40th anniversary is coming up next month, so there are a lot of books and events planned. Chaikin's book A Man on the Moon is the classic history of Apollo, and he actually has two new books, Voices from the Moon (the source of the "new" pictures) and Mission Control, this is Apollo (with paintings by Apollo 12 LM pilot Alan Bean). Very tempting, but my books are out of control, so I need to be smart about this. Must... resist... two-day-one-click... BUTTON!!!

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