Sunday, June 07, 2009

Modern Science (the band)

I made a mistake when I submitted my new song "Message from Tomorrow" for reviews at - I accidentally put it into the "rock" category instead of pop-rock. That may seem like a small detail, but they try to match up each song with some similar songs for review purposes, and nothing in "rock" was similar to my song. So after 10 days or something I still had no reviews. Bummer.

Unfortunately you can't change categories once a song is submitted, so I deleted the song (losing my review credit) and resubmitted yesterday in pop-rock. Today I got my first review (pretty good). So I started to check on the "competition" in the pop-rock charts. It's tough - some of the top songs have been there since 2005! Then I listened to the track of the day, a song called "I'm the One (Pick Me)" by Modern Science, a Las Vegas band (duo actually). This song is great! So I checked out the rest of their tunes on GB, and ended up downloading their album from their web site (free right now for 128K MP3 version - heavy promo). All ten songs are good, and five of them are amazing. So now I'm a fan and I plan to buy the CD to show my support (I do that sort of thing a lot - I'm a "struggling musician" myself but I have a better than average income thanks to my "day gig").

These guys are really good ("Pick Me" is only #173 out of 309 active songs, but it looks like it arrived very recently - my song is brand new so #309 - you start at the bottom). I'm impressed and a little intimidated (there are many great songs on the pop-rock chart). Glad I'm only in the music game for fun these days!

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