Sunday, December 09, 2012

Final Song: "Open Up Your Eyes"

"Open Up Your Eyes" is the last song completed for my new album project, which is now called "Look at You!" The album art is almost done and I'll be submitting it for CD production in about a week. I've been writing songs for the project since September 2011 (this song was actually the first of that new batch of songs, written in a hotel room in Seoul, Korea). Roger Lavallee and I have been working on the recording on and off since December 2011. I think it's better than my first two CD's in both writing and production, and I've already got a bunch of new songs in work for the next project, whatever and whenever that may be.

Although I've written some of the new songs on guitar, the biggest stimulus for my recent burst of songwriting and recording has been music apps on the iPod Touch and iPad. These inexpensive apps give me a constantly evolving set of musical tools (or toys), each of which has the potential to inspire new songs and new sounds. And I can write and record anywhere I happen to be.

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