Friday, December 14, 2012

Obama Action Figure

When I was in Japan last month, I was searching for some info on a Japanese toy. Can't remember what or why, but along the way I found a description of a Japanese action figure toy... of Barack Obama! I thought it was hilarious.

There was some other cool stuff in Japan I've been meaning to write up. Maybe I'll write a post about my 2012 travels when I have some time off between Christmas and New Year.


Unknown said...

If only there were a matching John Boehner action figure... kids could pretend to have the battles going on at this moment in Washington DC.

(BTW - can we deep-six the captchas?)

Craig said...

Sorry - forgot to log in as CHC.

FlyingSinger said...

OK, Craig, since you are probably my most frequent comment poster, I turned off the captcha for now. I already get a lot of comment spam even with that (presumably spammers that use humans to read the captcha for their robot posts). I will see if it gets worse. Unfortunately Blogger doesn't give you any options like the "word math problems" that you use. I also don't see any way to define "trusted commenters." I can restrict comments to visitors who are registered with Google or OpenID (not sure how you are registered), but most spammers have ID's which link to their spam target sites, so that probably wouldn't help. I think I could also set up site membership and only allow members to comment, but that seems extreme.