Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rocket Company DH-1: Still Rising

DH-1 Final Rising DH-1 Final Landed2
Mark Paton has released his "final" version of the DH-1 add-on for Orbiter, having added a virtual cockpit (using Vinka's latest spacecraft3.dll), more scenarios, more documentation (a nice PDF with operational details by Mark and a bit of background contributed by me), and more. It's really cool and it makes me wonder: why isn't someone doing something like this in real life? The landed pix with the astronaut give a good idea of the scale. This is not a tiny vehicle, and both stages are piloted and fully reusable.

Is this really the final story on the DH-1 for Orbiter? Rumors from the UK suggest that a programmer may be working on a custom DLL that could perhaps simplify the operation somewhat. Stay tuned...

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