Saturday, January 26, 2008

One-Gee in Vegas

I'm in Las Vegas, and while I wish I could say it's for a zero-G flight (that's not me flying with Martha Stewart), it's actually to help host some international business partners for a couple of days as the entertainment part of our annual meeting. If the weather cooperates tomorrow morning, I'll accompany a couple of the more adventurous visitors on an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon area, landing at the West Rim to "walk the sky" 4000 feet above the floor at the Grand Canyon Sky Walk. It's not zero-G but it's pretty cool, and I'll find out if it feels more like flying at 4000 feet (which I love) or standing on the edge of a 4000 foot cliff (not so much). Of course we'll also take our guests for some nice meals and a Vegas show (The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage).

So it's certainly not a hardship business trip, though I have my usual mixed feelings about Las Vegas. It's a lot more elegant (and expensive) than it used to be, but it still creeps me out somehow. (Begin Curmudgeon Mode) Nothing against marketing and having fun, but Vegas is too contrived and too much "in your face" for my taste. Sell sell sell. Gamble gamble gamble (I don't enjoy it, so I don't). Eat, drink, play, have fun. Gamble some more. Repeat ad nauseam. I guess I sound like a spoilsport. Sure I will enjoy the socializing, the nice meals, and the Beatles show, and no one is forcing me to gamble. But Vegas is just too much of everything! (End Curmudgeon Mode) And as American as apple pie!

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