Saturday, April 12, 2008

Magical Mystery Tour

I’m in the UK for a week to visit some customers in Wales, Scotland, and the Greater London area. For the Wales visit I’m staying in the nearby city of Chester (which is actually in England, just on the border with Wales). Chester has been a walled city since Roman times, though the walls have been modified and expanded in medieval and even in modern times. There’s a walkway along the top of the wall and I walked most of it (one section had collapsed recently and was closed). It’s a nice little city.

Sunday morning I will take a 20 minute train ride into Liverpool, mainly to do a sort of Beatles pilgrimage day. I plan to take the “Magical Mystery Tour” (what else would you call a Beatles bus tour in Liverpool?) and maybe the Beatles museum. There could even be a space connection depending on how the time goes.

To be continued...

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