Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Songwriting Blog

I haven't written a new song since 2005 - sad but true. I'm doing lots of other stuff, and songwriting takes energy and focus, as well as time to let your mind wander, to play around with guitars and keyboards and words, things like that. Things that are in short supply these days. But I'm still a songwriter and I know I will get back to it. I'll turn some of those promising song fragments into complete songs, and even make a new CD (I've got four tracks from 2003-2004 "in the can" - which is actually a hard drive, of course). The last song I recorded in 2004 was "Gonna Start Winning" which I really like. You can listen and download here (there are two songs from my 2003 CD there too).

This reflection was prompted by a new blog I just discovered, Measure for Measure, a New York Times blog written by several songwriters (Andrew Bird, Darrell Brown, Rosanne Cash, and Suzanne Vega). They will write about the creative process, about songs in the making. Maybe this will be just the push I need to start writing again myself. If I can find time to read the blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce:

I too am impressed by Measure for Measure.

I was amazed at the quality of the writing...not just the songwriters but their fans and commentators.

You haven't written a song in three years? Have you gone on vacation? That usually does it for me.

I was really dry for a while, wanting to write songs about the Roman Republic. How do you start? then one fine winter morning I got a line, and I'm in...

Sometimes it happens that way. I like 'Gonna Start Winning'. I don't see Bonnie Raitt doing is to much as one of those firecracker Nashville supermodel singer chickies.

If you are interested in talking and thinking about writinng songs, I've dived into blogging and am having fun with it.

My dirty underlying agenda is to get my songs in movies, but I have found that I love talking about this, since it has been my passion since I was a wee one.

Tom St. Louis