Friday, July 18, 2008

Where's My Spaceship?

Now this is a scary essay by an Israeli professor of history. He says that Israel is likely to launch a military strike to try to destroy Iran's "peaceful" nuclear development program before Iran actually builds their own nuclear weapons. Some in Israel believe this could be achieved by late 2009, and that once Iran has the bomb, they will use it to destroy Israel, so someone must act - if the US doesn't, then Israel must. Prof. Morris thinks that November 5 to January 19 (between the US election and Inauguration Day) could be the best window for this very difficult military operation, and that if it fails, that Israel might use its own nuclear weapons to finish the job. Nuclear war in the Middle East?!? We'll be longing for those lazy summer days of 2008 when gas was available and only $4.09 a gallon. And that will be the least of our problems.

Morris doesn't work for the Israeli government, but I don't know how independent he is. Is this just his opinion, or some sort of message? It got my attention! I don't have time now to research this deeply, but this recent page features several experts of widely varying positions discussing the question, "How likely is a scenario in which the US or Israel strikes Iran before Bush leaves office?" The consensus seems to be that the situation is dangerous, but that a near-term attack by Israel or the US is not that likely. But not out of the question either.

Talk about religion poisoning everything! I guess some people are too impatient to wait for global warming or an asteroid to destroy us. Where's my spaceship?

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