Monday, May 10, 2010

New Single: Message from Tomorrow

My new "2009" album is really almost done. Fourteen songs recorded mostly in 2009 (a couple started in 2003, and a couple done this year). I've got the cover graphics done (painting by Monique Bonneau) and uploaded to CD Baby and I'm just waiting on slight corrections for two songs on the master disk. Then I can upload the master tracks and place the CD order. So with luck I will have a bunch of CD's in a few weeks, with MP3's for download on CD Baby even sooner (digital downloads on iTunes and Amazon will take a few weeks more to process).

In the meantime, I've uploaded the final version of the title track as a download-only single, and it's available now on CD Baby and on iTunes. Plans for the world tour have not been started yet, but here are the lyrics for the song.

Message from Tomorrow

New York is under water
Just cloned a brand new daughter
With genes from Ashton Kutcher
Great cheekbones in the future
Voice mail and the world wide web
Implanted in my head

Everything is gonna be alright
I saw it clearly in a dream last night
No more pain, and no more sorrow
I got a message from tomorrow

Immortal afterthought
Upload my mind to a robot
New realms of virtual pleasure
And titanium joints forever!
Seinfeld in syndication
In my hotel room on my Mars vacation

I may be just a pulsing circuit
But you can bet I’m gonna work it
Make the future what the present never was

Words & music by Bruce Irving and Rob Simbeck © 2006

You can also hear the song on MySpace Music.

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