Monday, June 12, 2006

Mars Needs Women!

Vallis Dao Astronaut Test #1
Mars Needs Women is the title of a 1967 B-movie starring Tommy Kirk, but this post has nothing to do with that movie (which I have never seen). What I really mean is that Mars for Less for Orbiter needs virtual crew members for our Mars base (which is at Vallis Dao, mainly because there is a nice 3D terrain add-on for this region of Mars).

Greg Burch has created a whole series of Orbiter add-ons representing late-century space technology, and he has modeled some astronauts and other crew members to use with his spacecraft and space stations. This is pretty unusual among Orbiter add-ons - although Orbiter supplies a "NASA MMU" astronaut to simulate EVA's, most Orbiter add-ons are ghost ships, without a crew member in sight. Of course Orbiter is more concerned with ship performance and orbital mechanics than with simulated crews, but I like to see some people if only to provide a sense of scale. Greg has graciously allowed us to borrow the four futuristically-garbed astronauts (2 female, 2 male - Mars needs men too) from his EVA Pack add-on. Thanks Greg!

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