Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mars Science Lab Landing Animation

This is a really cool animation of JPL's Mars Science Laboratory (next generation rover launching in 2009) landing on Mars. Thanks to Greg Burch for the tip. Videos for download - possibly the same and maybe others, I haven't looked - are available here.


romrod said...

it seems I need to read more about this new rover. I notice two things, first it does not have stereoscopic vision, so 3D imaging of the terrain is going to be difficult. Second, no big solar cells as in Opportunity/Spirit. Well, again, maybe this new rover has all this and more, but it is not that evident.

FlyingSinger said...

It does look here like the camera has only one lens, but the MastCam will be 3D stereo and high resolution (see
This video is an artist-impression animation, not necessarily the final design.

Solar cells are missing, which is a feature, not a bug - it will use RTG (radioisotope thermal generator) to generate electric power, so it will not have to shut down at night as do the MER rovers, and it will have more and more reliable power for long range driving.