Thursday, November 15, 2007

Starry Windy Night in Arles

After a few hours drive from Barcelona in high winds and surprisingly cold weather (4°C), I'm spending the night and a little time in the morning in the center of Arles, a city rich in history dating back to the Greeks and the Romans - even before my time. All I knew about Arles before arriving here was that Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted here for some time. My hotel room even has a print of one of his famous paintings, The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum from 1888. We walked past this spot on the way back from dinner, but it was so cold and windy (and late) that no one else was around.

I hope we have some time to walk around in the daylight tomorrow before a 10 am customer visit in Aix-en-Provence. Yes, this is a pretty rough business trip! Spain was nice but it's good to be back in France where I like the food better and can speak and read two of the most common languages (English and French), which means I have a chance of knowing what I am ordering!

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