Thursday, October 09, 2008

Adventures in Rocket Science

I just got one of my occasional email announcements from NASA on new or revised educational materials. This one included a link to an updated educational guide called Adventures in Rocket Science. It's a 178 page PDF that starts with some background and history on rockets (including a section on NASA's next generation Ares rockets). It then goes on to present instructions for 25 rocket-related science experiments of varying difficulty and complexity, from a balloon thrust experiment to parachutes to rocket altitude tracking (with templates for making an altitude tracking scope). Looks like fun stuff (educational too).

They also announced three additional teacher guides from 2005-2006, Space Math I and II (grades 7-9) and Space Math III (9-12). These guides present math problems based on space radiation, solar storms, star count estimates, Doppler shift, and much more - complete with answers.

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