Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Real McCain

The real John McCain is apparently quite different from the image he and his backers try to portray - "outsider," "country first," "maverick," and all that. A new investigative article in Rolling Stone is based on discussions with people who have been close to McCain, from Annapolis classmates to fellow Vietnam POW's to fellow senators. There are many examples that illustrate McCain's poor judgment, hotheadedness, and willingness to compromise anything as long as it benefits John McCain. The picture that emerges is clearly "McCain first," not "country first." There's also a short piece on how McCain's positions have changed on many issues.

P.S. As you can see from my electoral-vote.com widget, the Votemaster's latest poll-based projection gives Obama 349 electoral votes. Cool! But even cooler is this week's projection on the Republican-leaning electionprojection.com site: Obama 364, McCain 174! The Votemaster's site has a lot of interesting background information too. Check out this article on the correlation between "experience" and "great presidents" (as rated by historians). Basically there isn't any correlation.

1 comment:

Brian Dunbar said...

This would be the same Rolling Stone that slagged the return to the moon program several years back with lies, innuendo and ignorance?

Published by the same guy that published the US magazine smear on Governor Palin?

I'll read the article - but since they fired PJ O'Rourke their investigative journalism cred has sunk pretty low.