Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Advice to the Next President

Although he hasn't been elected yet, plenty of experts are already dispensing advice to our next president. The new Newsweek has a cover story about all the problems facing the new president, "Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue." It includes NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's advice on the economy, among other things.

MIT Technology Review also has a "Dear Mr. President" article with expert advice on the topics of energy and electronic information systems for health care, and an especially important memo on research from Charles M. Vest, President of the National Academy of Engineering. He says we need to invest in education, research, and innovation, and he gives some specific steps we need to take to accomplish this.

None of these articles speculates on who we will elect next Tuesday. I really hope it's Barack Obama, and even though the polls are looking good and the Democrats are taking many precautions against election fraud, I'm sure the GOP is still working on ways to steal this election as they stole the 2000 election. Like many Obama supporters, I'm a bit stressed about this! There's not much I can do about it, though I am continuing to make phone calls every evening to voters in New Hampshire. This helps to refine the Obama databases in preparation for the final get out the vote effort starting this weekend. I wish I could volunteer in New Hampshire for the final four days, but instead I will be in Europe on business. So I am signing up a few loved ones to go to NH instead of me. I hope Obama's victory doesn't hang on those four electoral votes, but I want them to be there if he does need them!

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