Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Look at You" on

My powerful music promotion machine is revving up for the new album - it's about to cross the all-important threshold from nanowatts to microwatts. Orders of magnitude! Yes, that powerful.

Today I made three MP3's from the new album available for free download on my artist page. This site is free to me, and free to you too, unless you choose to make an optional donation when you download something. I also uploaded some songs from my first two CD's (here and here). Here is the Noisetrade widget for the new album:

I also made a PDF of the lyrics for all the songs on the album and added this to the free downloads page of my website. I thought I also made this PDF available as an optional download on the Noisetrade page for "Look at You" but I don't see it there (maybe it shows up when you download the mp3's - yup, that's it - I did a test download).

You may no longer be able to get anything you want at Alice's restaurant, but you can on the internet!

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