Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inside the B-24

This web page is super cool if you like airplanes. It starts with a nice 3D cutaway view of the Collings Foundation's B-24 "Witchcraft," in the classic style of aviation fan magazines and books that focus on particular airplane models (yes, I have a few of those):

But hover your mouse over it, and labels appear to identify the different parts of the plane:

But wait, there's more. Click on one of the pictures (cockpit below), and a separate window will open with a photographic 3D virtual reality view you can control with the mouse to look around and zoom into details:

I was lucky enough to fly in Witchcraft a couple of years ago (photos here), and I walked and crawled through most of these stations (you could look over the pilots' shoulders but no room to enter the actual cockpit). This web site and Java-based app is the closest thing to being back there! And much less noisy.

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