Saturday, December 09, 2006


I've just had a look at two of Virgin Galactic's promotional videos for their planned commercial space flights. It may be "only" suborbital, but wow, it is going to be incredibly cool. The first video is accessed from the ""view the movie" link on the main VG web page. It is mostly Richard Branson talking about the program, with clips of SpaceShipOne's X-Prize-winning flights and interviews with the test pilots (and a lot of emphasis on safety). There's some other really great content on the VG web site - after all, they are trying to sell you on a $200,000 product! You can download a 38 page PDF brochure for offline viewing and printing.

The other video is a computer animated movie that shows the entire SpaceShipTwo flight sequence. This is really the coolest part of all - it's very well done and makes it seem incredibly real and exciting. Test flights are supposed to start in late 2007 with commercial flights starting about a year later if all goes well.

I really want to go.

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