Monday, December 18, 2006

OK, I Promise I'll Stop Now

Over at the Orbiter forums I noticed yet another YouTube video that I feel compelled to show here because it's about Orbiter (I promise I will not include a video in every post - this is just the new toy effect). This 4:42 video by "texasf1racer" uses mainly the "shuttle fleet" Discovery add-on and shows excerpts of a space shuttle mission from launch to re-entry and landing, complete with NASA radio calls and a musical soundtrack. You get to experience something of the "feeling" of Orbiter in this video, with beautiful shots of the Earth from low orbit, though you should keep in mind that Orbiter offers much more than you can show in a 5 minute video. There are other spacecraft and planets, and even the shuttles offer more than shown here - rendezvous & docking with the ISS (Discovery is briefly shown docked at the ISS), payload deployment, EVA simulation, etc. But if you're wondering what Orbiter is like, this gives you a pretty good idea. Nice job!

Of course this is not the only Orbiter video on YouTube - search for "orbiter simulator" and you can find a lot more, including some tutorials. This one by "VIRTUALROUTES" is especially nice - it's short (2:25), uses the opening Zarathustra theme from the 2001 movie, and shows various spacecraft (including Apollo) and planets (Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Earth) and their moons. This one is longer (6:00) but has a cool Asian-flavor new-age sound track; it's another texasf1racer production.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my videos FlyingSinger! I like what you've done here! The You Tube feature is a very nice feature so I wouldn't worry about having the videos you like on here. On my forum I've allowed users to embed you tube videos in their posts and profile, so deffo a great thing! Thanks again for the nice words and for sharing my videos. :)

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have signed the previous comment eh? lol! Sorry!

Many thanks

FlyingSinger said...

Thank you - I watched a couple of your other ones including "Our place" with Starry Night and Orbiter clips and the Kokin Gumi "Milky Way" music. Guess I'll have to order that CD, it sounds great. Keep up the good work!