Wednesday, December 13, 2006

MiGMan in the Danger Zone

My friend Peter "MiGMan" Inglis is a multitalented guy. In addition to being a professional classical guitarist (his Whole Guitarist web site is great) and author (Guitar Playing and How It Works), he's a flight simulation expert. For years he's been channeling his knowledge and enthusiasm for this subject into an amazing web site, MiGMan's Flight Simulation Museum. If you like airplanes, you will really enjoy exploring this site.

Recently MiGMan was invited to share his flight sim expertise with a much wider audience on the ABC Australia television show Good Game, where he talked about the joys of flight simming and gave a brief "master class" on the key points of takeoffs, aerial combat, and landing. Visit the museum to learn more and to view a nice streaming video (WMV) of his flight sim segment on Good Game. Excellent stuff!

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