Monday, February 26, 2007

EuroMoon? Pégase CTV in Orbiter

Est-ce que la lune est (Euro-)bleue? Peut-être! You can at least experiment with the idea of a European Moon flight with Pégase CTV, a beautiful new Orbiter add-on by Well and No Matter, introduced in this post on Orbiter forum. CTV stands for Crew Transfer Vehicle, and it is somewhat of an extropolation of the in-development European ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle), converted to a crew-carrying capsule with additional modules to support a number of possible missions, including ISS transfers and even orbiting the Moon (I didn't see any sign of a lunar lander in the pictures or in this very cool Flash-based slide show of a CTV Moon mission). Judging from the pictures, they did a great job with the modeling, textures, and even the interior of the crew capsule. Formidable!

Although I have launched a few Ariane 5's in my time, I confess that I have not installed this add-on as yet, and there is a big warning in the manual (English and French versions) that you must have the runtime libraries for Visual C++ 2005 installed on your PC to run it (links are provided). Read the quite complete documentation and you will be fine, I'm sure.

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